Safari Stories

Day 1: Travel To South Luangwa

The first day was all about travel as I set off east to Chipata, near the Malawi border, at 5am to connect with a minibus headed northwest to Mfuwe. The windows of the bus played a silent film of the Zambian countryside, morphing from treed plateau, to large rocky escarpment, to grasslands, and finally dense tropical forest. Check out the post for more!

Day 2: Safaris And Sunshine

The first day was, in a word, absolute. Absolutely beautiful. Absolutely alive. And absolutely hot! The day was full of classic characters: elephants, giraffes, impala, cranes, hyena, zebra, and more. Settled into Flatdogs Camp with the sound of hippos’ laughter on the river, it was a perfect start. Check out the post for more!

Day 3: Leopards In The Night

The morning of the second day was quiet – some birds and the ever present masses of impala, puku and baboons. The night, however, brought the highlight of the trip with two leopards prowling the night. The memory of their precise strides and intense eyes is a special one from the trip. Read more in the coming post…

Day 4: Walking With Elephants

The final morning was a walking safari, exploring at ground level. Who knew there was so much to learn about tracks, poo, bones and animal calls? We had an unexpected visit from a herd of five bull elephants part way through – not a common sight! The evening was some shopping and the bus adventure home. Read more in the coming post…


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