A stream of pictures from life in Zambia.  Enjoy!



Castle, G&T, and a bubble fight.


Never thought we’d be on a boat… on a big blue watery road…


The deep blue of Lake Kariba and the hills of Siavonga etching the horizon into the sky.


All aboard the fun ship.



Mmmm…mangoes. In season and available by the ton.

Click For Cipo and Zifile’s Wedding Photos


Mr. Cipo and Mrs. Zifile Mbozi on their wedding day.

A plastic rhino sculpture. A couple weeks ago it was just bottles in a wire frame and now is a solid melted chunk! Raising awareness about waste and consumption.

Different moment, though I look like I barely moved. Cipo now in frame in purple at front next to his fiancee, Zifile.

Out for some drinks to celebrate Tabo finishing his last accounts exam ever. Joined by some friends at the far end.

Beautiful sunset over the city skyline on the way out of wedding rehearsals.

Vaie wanted a picture with both of us – turned out great!

A good angle on a minibus I wouldn’t ever have the courage to get.

A few boys across the road playing football. Perhaps in the middle of a goal celebration or dance break?

Vaie (most third grade host sister) took my camera after the stopping in for pancake breakfast. This one took a couple minutes, hence Ruth and I not looking so enthusiastic…

Click For South Luangwa National Park Photos


A family of elephants on my trip to South Luangwa National Park.

The view of Lusaka’s north end from my office window. Looking greener by the day, I should add.

Outside my room’s window – the neighbourhood is still under construction. Check out the sweet three story flats down the road!

My room at the Mbozi’s place. Moved this side because my first family, the Lungu’s had shifted to a smaller place.

The outside of our cottage in the morning sunshine. A wonderful place to stay!

Inside the main lodge at the camp.

Inside the cottage Kaveesh and I shared at the BDS Skills Development Session.

My personal favourite from the exhibit. The colours, media and tone of the painting are really beautiful.

This was actually a chunk of a minibus and the windows were filled in with paintings. Really neat mixed media piece!

Francis and one of his favs.

A really elegant wood and stone carving at the art exhibition that was happening in the convention centre.

Thanks for the busses China! Example #624 of the strong Chinese-Zambian ties.

Found these busses parked in the lot … maybe some new transit is on the way for Lusaka? Certainly a need for it!

View of the high rises along Cairo Road from the NTBC parking lot.

Francis, a friend from NTBC, and I at the Zambia Innovation convention.

My new workplace at the National Technology Business Center. A comfy set-up!


By day, I find cemeteries are fresh, tranquil places for a walk. We dress our final resting places with beauty.

Close up of the leaves. Deep in red colour.

Red dirt and red trees on a peaceful stroll through the cemetery.

  48 years of freedom and independence in Zambia.

The Freedom Statue in front of the New Government building on Independence Day.

Where in the world am I? Welcome to Levy Junction; one of the modern malls in Lusaka.

The audience, a couple finalist bikes and I.

A student explains their electronics design.

A judge asks students a question about their electronics schematics.

Dissection of a charger box on one of the prototypes to reveal the excellent electrical handiwork.

One of the bikes with prototype attached in the final round.

The high table takes in the first presentation at ground level.

The audience waits in anticipation of the final round.

Sunshine and student innovation puts a smile on any face.

A guest speaker talks to students about personal marketability.

Students put the final touches on their charger prototype.

The main tent at Copperbelt University.

Some of the volunteers for the day. Looking very fine, gentlemen.

Students set to work discussing the design of their prototype.

Bright in smiles and shirt colour, the volunteers prep to take students their materials.

Sunset over the Mopani mining operation.

Solar power and electrical power ending another day in Zambia.

Levy Mwanawasa Stadium – the pinnacle of football in Zambia.  Home of the Chipolopolo Boys!

The “looking healthy and happy” snap for anyone who is concerned.

An unknown river by the highway between Kitwe and Ndola.

The Mopani dumping grounds – a small mountain in itself.


Another beautiful sunset, with some clouds in the sky (at last).  It actually rained a few drops the next day!

An interesting difference from the usual RIP on headstones back home.  “May her/his soul rest in peace”

Found this footprint in the dirt; a great capture of the red colour that covers the landscape.

Not an uncommon way of making a wall hard to climb. Bottles and mortar work great!

A cemetery across the road from my home.  Peaceful and tranquil in the late Sunday afternoon!

Luyando and I

Tabo, Luyando’s younger brother, and I

My new favourite tree species – they are so vibrantly purple!

Mr. Luwaya, a lecturer at Copperbelt University, being interviewed about the design competition.

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, Kitwe Headquarters

I think I found the solution to global debt … oh wait that isn’t in Canadian Dollars.

View of one of the main bus terminals from the Zanaco Bank tower.

Some bright yellow flowers blooming just outside my window.

Miracle of Life church – a beautiful new building and a welcoming community.

The Lusaka skyline along the rail tracks at dusk.

One of the main streets in downtown Lusaka near the bus terminal – lined with many shops and a busy place each day of the week.

Fun with photobooth is without borders too it seems – me and a few of the little ones at home!

Exploring the local arts and crafts at Sunday Market in Lusaka.

All the colours of the rainbow here.  There was so much to look at here!

Riding the minibus with my friend Tabo (who kindly took this snap).

A delicious dinner of nshima with Chinese cabbage and sausage!

The most packed mini bus yet! (22 people aboard)

The inside view of a minibus.

My new home with a wonderful family inside.

My new digs in Nyumba Yanga.


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