An Adventure By Photographs

I’m back on the blog-space after a wonderful trip to South Luangwa National Park in Eastern Province. I stayed in a safari tent at Flatdogs Camp minutes from the park gate from which I took several safaris into the park, travelled into the nearby Mfuwe village, and ate a wide palette of meals. The safaris, at four hours each, were morning and night, visiting the park at high time for animal activity. And activity there was! The park was alive with a vast number of species all wandering a landscape getting greener by the day after the first rains of the season. A small haven for the timelessness of the animal kingdom that still felt very much alive and wild as it ever was.

I haven’t yet had time to write some stories about the trip, but for starters I have posted up some 60 or so photos that were the best from the trip. They have been posted up in chronological order so as to give some sort of storyline within the stream. I hope you enjoy them even half as much as I did seeing it all first-hand!

Check out the page here!


2 responses to “An Adventure By Photographs

  1. oh Zac, how i envy you. An Afican safari is on my bucket list. Out of Africa is one of my favorite movies, the scene flying over the herds of animals on the Kenya plains has stayed with me since 1985. Your pics are amazing and truly beautiful. Nice to see Africa threw your eyes, maybe I’ll get there one day
    Be safe, thanks for sharing

    • Hi Ann, it was a wonderful trip and I can only hope you’ll get to see it first hand some day! There were people in camp from around the world, so I felt very privileged to be taking a jaunt out of town to get there. I’m glad the pictures were able to bring back those scenes. Happy to share!

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